Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Run Pics

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  May you be thankful for each day you have.  May your day bring all that is good your way.  May your blessings be plentiful. 

Here are pics from the Turkey Run earlier this morning.  Wa-hoo!!! 
People starting to fill the street, getting ready to line up and run (or walk).  Some people wore turkey hats, some wore homemade shirts with handprint turkeys, some wore Santa outfits, but the person who garnered the most attention was the guy who ran with a 20 pound frozen turkey in his hands, smiling all the way!  Yikes!

                                                      Many people run to honor others.

                                     Two men ran with one American flag and one black flag that read,
                                    "We will not forget...".   
                                        (Hey, guy in the orange hat, the race is going the other way... JK  )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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