Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fast Walking in the Snow--Wordless Wednesday

Thank goodness for my neighbor who knocked on my door and talked me into taking a fast walk as soon as the snow on the roads had melted.  We saw some beautiful sights including this stream still running through the freshly fallen snow.  My neighbor, who is an avid fast walker, walked about as fast as I usually run.  She pulled us along for a four mile route of sight-seeing and once I was done, I realized why fast-walking is such a great sport--my shins, calves, and all around my ankles were all aching!  It seems to me that fast-walking hits some areas of the leg that running does not seem to hit--or that might be just for me!  Anyhow, as I've gained at least 7 pounds in the past month due to illness and inactivity, it was so great to exercise a different way, visit with my neighbor, and enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow: 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 


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